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Estimated property prices within 2 minutes.

Professional online real estate valuation tool based on artificial intelligence.

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What do we calculate the 4price estimate for?

  • data from more than 530 thousand properties sold
  • 61 million data points (eg bathroom size)
  • data from more than 2 million ads
  • almost 800,000 satellite images of the Czech Republic
  • more than 1 million points of interest from maps

The more information you fill in, the more accurate the price will be

For quick pricing, 7 basic data will be enough for you (address, layout, condition of the property, etc.). Additional criteria need to be added to obtain a more detailed estimate.


How 4price works and how we can help you


  • value of client's assets
  • price negotiation
  • real mortgage loan
  • to buy or sell
  • to inheritance proceedings
  • to invest
  • to fair dealing in the market


  • cadastre
  • google streetview maps
  • google satellite maps
  • by location
  • according to historical prices
  • according to crime
  • according to the length of sales


  • online
  • on mobile
  • part of the offer for the client
  • for each advertisement
  • free of charge

Save and spend time where it makes sense.

Lay estimates are not the right thing to do and not at all for banks. Find out the exact value of your client's assets.

The 4price pricing automatically fits into the entire transaction process

You enter the data easily and quickly, and with your name, professional estimate 4price and with many data, the offer of your services to your clients is one-click thanks to 4house.

Sell property on the basis of 4price


Insert advertisement
  • immediately pre-filled advertisement
  • add photos and video
  • create a 3D tour with a regular mobile phone
  • free, no ads and heating

Professional offer of my services based on 4price clients


Send an offer
  • unique service on the market
  • we attach a lot of data, indices or prices
  • attach your services, comments
  • build your brand of your brand professionally

Opinions of office owners on 4house

Jakub Krčmář

Real estate agent

Jakub Krčmář

“Digital platforms need the world of reality like salt.“

Adam Kauer

CEO Kauer

Adam Kauer

“4house has brought transparency to the confusing world of real estate.“

Miroslav Heliman

CEO Heliman

Miroslav Heliman

“The services from 4house have enabled me to successfully sell several properties.“

Roman Machník

CEO Důmrealit

Roman Machník

“4house brings services that should have been here a long time ago. I applaud and support their approach. “

A few clicks, automatic data, accurate prices and top professional presentation to my clients online.

Martin RománekMartin Románek realityMay 2021