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Every client needs the maximum amount of information for their life investment

Unclear websites, advertising congestion, expensive topping - that's a thing of the past. The future lies in clear and complete information that is presented clearly.

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We connect two worlds, agents and potential bidders

50% of people in the market do not use the services of professionals. Our goal is to raise the level of this great field and connect so far dissatisfied clients with the best professionals.


Revolutionary services

All in one place, neatly, using the latest technology, and free. With the 4listing service, you have new options for presenting real estate.


We support a variety of real estate applications for bulk import, free of charge

RealMan, Poski REAL, Real Estate Manager, Softreal, Urbium. Contact us to connect the new office.

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Opinions of office owners on 4house

Jakub Krčmář

Real estate agent

Jakub Krčmář

“Digital platforms need the world of reality like salt.“

Adam Kauer

CEO Kauer

Adam Kauer

“4house has brought transparency to the confusing world of real estate.“

Miroslav Heliman

CEO Heliman

Miroslav Heliman

“The services from 4house have enabled me to successfully sell several properties.“

Roman Machník

CEO Důmrealit

Roman Machník

“4house brings services that should have been here a long time ago. I applaud and support their approach. “

The state-of-the-art presence of my properties with 4house tools has rapidly increased my sales and gained new clients.

Martin RománekMartin Románek realityMay 2021