4check: Check who you're dealing with!

Verification of over 7 institutions.

Pay attention to clients who have a real interest!

Verify candidates

A professional online verification tool for financial institutions

Financial verification

  • payment morale
  • insolvency senior
  • insolvency current
  • execution current

Personal verification

  • personal verification
  • residence in the office
  • residence in the hostel
  • validity of documents
  • validity of contact details
  • records of wanted persons

Verification of residence

  • bonita residence
  • insolvency senior

Pay attention to clients who have a real interest!

Real estate tourism, destroyed real estate, poor payment morale, low creditworthiness of applicants - all this causes a waste of time! Avoid these problems with the professional 4check service!


Do what you do best, even better

Quality candidates. Efficient business. The best references. Higher earnings and, last but not least, a calmer life.


Find the right solution for you


Basic verification of a person in public and non-public registers.

149 CZK

including VAT

Verify candidates

4check +

In addition, the analysis of a person's behavior on the Internet using artificial intelligence.

499 CZK

including VAT

We prepare

Opinions of office owners on 4house

Jakub Krčmář

Real estate agent

Jakub Krčmář

“Digital platforms need the world of reality like salt.“

Adam Kauer

CEO Kauer

Adam Kauer

“4house has brought transparency to the confusing world of real estate.“

Miroslav Heliman

CEO Heliman

Miroslav Heliman

“The services from 4house have enabled me to successfully sell several properties.“

Roman Machník

CEO Důmrealit

Roman Machník

“4house brings services that should have been here a long time ago. I applaud and support their approach. “

Frequently Asked Questions

The service is only for persons with a legitimate interest, that is, for property owners who want to verify potential buyers or renters. Under no circumstances can the 4check service be used to screen persons who are not your potential candidates for the sale or lease of your property. We will inform the verified person about the verification by e-mail or SMS.