4campaign: Revolutionary one-click targeting for your brand and brand

Facebook, Instagram, Facebook messenger.

With the 4campaign service, you will gain potential customers and many other benefits.

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The future of working with customers

Passive sales are a thing of the past. The future is in actively reaching out to those who have a serious interest.

  • you can reach up to 90 thousand in one click interested parties
  • we automatically target potential applicants for your property
  • get more valuable leads
  • build and strengthen your brand
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Do what you do best, even better

Get more than just leads - with 4campaign you get clients, references and promotion of your services in one click. Post your ad and we're getting started!


Sell 10 times faster, to the right ones, at higher prices.

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Basic audience and basic advertising

CZK 5,000

including VAT

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  • 20-30 ths. people affected by advertising
  • 2-3 ths. advertising clicks
  • up to 5+ new leads
  • Campaign duration 3-4 weeks
  • monthly evaluation online


Extended audience and expanded advertising

CZK 10,000

including VAT

Sell now
  • 40-50 ths. people affected by advertising
  • 4-5 ths. advertising clicks
  • up to 10+ new leads
  • Campaign duration 6-7 weeks
  • Basic campaign creation
  • Weekly evaluation


Maximum audience and professional advertising

CZK 15,000

including VAT

Sell now
  • 70-90 ths. people affected by advertising
  • 7-9 ths. advertising clicks
  • up to 15+ new leads
  • Campaign duration 9-10 weeks
  • Professional campaign creation
  • Weekly evaluation

Opinions of office owners on 4house

Jakub Krčmář

Real estate agent

Jakub Krčmář

“Digital platforms need the world of reality like salt.“

Adam Kauer

CEO Kauer

Adam Kauer

“4house has brought transparency to the confusing world of real estate.“

Miroslav Heliman

CEO Heliman

Miroslav Heliman

“The services from 4house have enabled me to successfully sell several properties.“

Roman Machník

CEO Důmrealit

Roman Machník

“4house brings services that should have been here a long time ago. I applaud and support their approach. “

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