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Use 4house to grow your business with unique leads

Connect with attractive clients at 4house as soon as they start thinking seriously about new housing. We connect agents and sellers themselves - quality leads and solid verified contacts. Useful references that will start your business.

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The most modern advertising on the market! Free

  • insertion directly or through any external real estate software used on the market
  • We will automatically add a set of useful data to the property you are advertising
  • you offer a state-of-the-art presentation, you display the current status of your offer, references and how successful you are on your profile

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Agent account

Use the tools that will help you do your job even better.

Every way to get a home is unique. With the 4house PREMIUM AGENT service, you will have top tools at your disposal to help you meet and exceed your client's expectations.

How to find out the price of a property? With 4price easy! And free

Use the API to import from all common real estate channels and manage advertising and agents across the agency. All in bulk using a special administrator account.

  • insert an advertisement with the address of the property
  • 4price immediately determines the market value of the property
  • you are selling at the best possible market price
  • The buyer gets an easy loan and you save time

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Sell 10x faster, at higher prices! Build your brand!

  • insert advertisement (directly or via real estate SW)
  • we will reach up to a million potential candidates for you, online
  • you select the best potential buyers and beyond and you get more leads
  • you build your own brand. Many times faster than the one who does not use the service

Reach up to 90 thousand people

Thanks to the campaign on social networks from 4house, I sold the apartment in 4 days!

Miroslav HelimanReality Heliman sroMay 2021

Know who I'm dealing with? Absolute necessity!

  1. the person interested in the purchase will contact you
  2. you will verify the applicant
  3. you take further steps and save time

Verify candidates

4tourlive: annotated online 3D tour. From anywhere and at any time.

  • scan any property with your mobile
  • insert the scan into your ad
  • you select the best potential buyer and continue to attract more candidates
  • select individuals or entire teams from all over the world and present real estate to them at any time, for example from a holiday


Take the next step in your career. Do what you do best, even better with 4house, together.

Reach more clients. Become a 4house Premium Agent today.


Opinions of office owners on 4house

Jan Stohanzl


Jan Stohanzl

“Modern technology is the future.“

Martin Seidl


Martin Seidl

“Modern tools help me in my work every day.“

Martin Románek

CEO Románek

Martin Románek

“Excellent service, which we have been waiting for a long time. It's finally here. “

Tomáš Jelínek

CEO Century21

Tomáš Jelínek

“You can't run a business without modern technology today.“

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