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Support your agents. Countless ways to succeed.

Bring in more leads, build stronger teams, and drive more growth. All with 4house Premium Agent.


Tools to get your team up and running

Present yourself to clients as a transparent representative of the real estate market within a premium profile. Use dashboards, digital contract signatures, professional offers, connection to the cadastre, 3D annotated virtual tours, connection to social networks. To do this, manage your advertisement in bulk, easily, with 4house.

Get quality leads for your team

Connect your agents with buyers using online tools. At the lead, we will verify whether the client is actually buying, and then we will present it directly to one of your agents.

Almost every lead from 4house Premium Agent ended up being a successful sale.

Martin RománekMartin Románek realityMay 2021

Manage your ad in bulk

Use the API to import from all common real estate channels and manage advertising and agents across the agency in a group using a special administrator account.

Present your brand professionally

Take advantage of modern presentations. Target the right audience. Find out what clients say about you. Discover other ways to improve your real estate team. Achieve better visibility with clients. Find out where potential customers come from, who they work with, and use 4house to find out what stage of purchase they are at.

I believe in new technologies, there is a future in them. I'm happy to be involved with the 4house team!

Jan StohanzlRemax G8July 2021

Join the 4house family and take your business to the next level

Get connections, tools and insights - get better results. With 4house tools, your team will be more successful, more efficient, and have more satisfied clients. And last but not least, it will achieve higher earnings. We involve corporate clients individually.

Agents who use the 4house Premium Agent conclude 3 times more transactions than agents who do not.

Take the success of your real estate team to the next level.


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Opinions of office owners on 4house

Jan Stohanzl


Jan Stohanzl

“Modern technology is the future.“

Martin Seidl


Martin Seidl

“Modern tools help me in my work every day.“

Martin Románek

CEO Románek

Martin Románek

“Excellent service, which we have been waiting for a long time. It's finally here. “

Tomáš Jelínek

CEO Century21

Tomáš Jelínek

“You can't run a business without modern technology today.“

Solutions for small real estate agencies

Contact buyers immediately. Get the tools and information to move your business forward instantly.

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